Is Humming the Secret to Better Health? (and a Possible COVID Treatment?)

What comes to mind when you think of the biological drivers behind better health? Cholesterol? A healthy gut microbiome? Less Cortisol (stress)? Testosterone? Serotonin production? In a world of thousands upon thousands of health and wellness influencers, it’s not hard to get caught up on these admittedly important hormones, chemicals, and neurotransmitters. But what if … Read more

3 Simple Ways to Decrease Stress With the Breath (+ Animations)

On a biological level, stress is supposed to be outside of our control. The sympathetic nervous system, our body’s fight-or-flight mode, is part of the autonomic nervous system. It’s automatic. Involuntary. Self-regulating. And for the most part, this sentiment is true. We can’t necessarily choose how our body reacts to bad drivers, impromptu public speaking, … Read more